Coaching and Yoga

Holistic and efficient

The perfect combination

Systemic coaching, mindfulness practise and yoga - every method itsself is already very effective. They are ideal companions to:

  • handle stressful situation with more serenity
  • strengthen the capability of our mental resistance  (resilience)
  • harmonize body, mind and emotions.

We develop an individual and holistic concept together which is especially created for your needs. All group workshops are individually designed and not ready-made. Online-coaching and webinars are also available.

Awareness, serenity and resilience are like muscles: you need to train them. A successful integration with the experiences in your everyday life is important to me. Therefore I produce coaching materials including video for you to train also back home if you like (included in the price).

Systemic coaching & EMDR

Working with the systemic approach we see your holistic system. You are the agent for change in your processes, but sometimes we need a "process manager" who supports us to:

  • reveal unconcious processes
  • look at your subject from different perspectives
  • dissolve emotional stress.

My coaching methods are diverse and solution focused. Personally I'm very enthusiastic about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and systemic constellation work.

Mindfulness and yoga

Often stress or an emotional subject is mirrored physically in the body. Complementing systemic coaching with mindfulness practice and yoga is ideal. That they have a positive influence on body and mind, as proven in many studies.

Both methods teach us to be mindful about our feelings and thoughts. They increase our self-awareness. Together with coaching and guidance they are strong resources for positive change: if I know what my needs and my obstacles are, I can actively take change into my own hands.

Workshops for more serenity

As a unique experience together with friends or an interesting addition to a specific event: all coaching and yoga workshops are harmonized with your aims and needs. We define your focus together. Content could be:

  • interesting and informative details about mindfulness, resilience and yoga
  • creative and practical systemic practises for new experiences
  • relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga practise


Coaching and workshops are designed for your individual needs. Fees vary and are depending on content, focus and extent. I would be very happy to learn more about your wishes and aims in a non-binding call or via e-mail.

Yoga videos and coaching materials for practising back home are included.

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