...for more resilience and serenity

A lot of the people have similar experiences: the hecticness of daily life and a world around us which is getting more and more complex are big challenges for us.

In order to handle these challenges we focus a lot on the outside. So it's getting difficult to stay in contact with yourself, to find a good balance, and to take these moments of reflection to ask yourself:

  • What are my needs?
  • What are my expectations from life?
  • How can I fulfill my dreams, small and big?

With a mix of the effective methods of systemic coaching, mindfulness and yoga, I like to create a space for more consciousness and change of processes. I would hope that through my work, we experience ourselves as self-determined and self-dependent; to live a more serene, healthy and happy life.

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Annika Villmow

Hubertusstraße 32

52525 Heinsberg

Rooms also in Bonn and Munich

E-mail: annika@coaching-yoga.com

Mobile: +49 151 684 906 54